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Waxing Bundles

Waxing Bundles in Katy, TX

Waxing is used for more than just hair removal. It also serves as a skincare therapy. Our waxing bundles are quick and effective, leaving your skin hair-free and delightfully smooth. Waxing should not be a frightening experience. Anita’s Skincare Clinic provides a full range of waxing services, including brow waxing, arm waxing, Brazilian wax, Bikini wax, and more.

Waxing is one of the most prevalent and popular mid-term hair removal treatments. Explore our waxing packages, which range from eyebrow waxing to a complete body wax. For all full body wax appointments, a test patch is required in advance, and you must call or text Anita to book an appointment for this service. All of our services are provided by licensed estheticians. We are incredibly hygienic, always use gloves while waxing, never double dip, and are quite meticulous.

Planning to hit the beach or need to attend a wedding? Our Waxing Bundle has everything you need to stay on top of the big day! We offer a complete suite of waxing treatments, including upper lip waxing, nose wax, brow waxing, brow tinting, and chin wax. We also provide waxing bundles for areas such as legs, arms, and intimate regions.

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