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Add-On Services

Add-On Services in Katy, TX

Additional Skin Care Options

Did you know that you can enhance your facial treatment with one of our numerous add-on services? We can add value to most facial treatments with a variety of various add-on services, in addition to delivering pleasant facial treatments focused on enhancing the condition of the skin via the use of medical-grade skin care products. We provide a choice of add-on and booster treatments and products to further improve the appearance and condition of your skin for the ultimate healthy glow.
Whether you want to add Celluma Light Treatment for acne or anti-aging skin concerns on your wishlist or find out how much a blackhead extraction facial costs, make an appointment with our facial spa for your upgrade. Our add-on treatments are an excellent way to provide you with new and intriguing wellness alternatives.
Our aestheticians customize each facial treatment to help tighten, moisturize, correct, and clarify the skin to restore its optimal texture, appearance, and feel. Our facial treatments always start with a thorough inspection of the client’s skin, followed by mild steaming and, if required, extractions. Facial services may be added to a facial treatment to enhance the effectiveness of the skin treatment, depending on the client’s skin type, and desired objectives.
At Anita Skin Care Clinic, we are constantly exploring innovative ways to assist our patients in properly treating them on many levels, not only with dietary modifications but also lifestyle changes. This is why we are delighted to provide our award-winning Celluma Light Treatment for acne or anti-aging skin concerns to our customers for managing their acne, rosacea, and anti-aging concerns. Contact us today to learn more!
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