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Lash Treatments

Keratin Lash Treatments in Katy, TX

Interested in getting a Keratin Lash treatment but don’t know where to start? If you want to check out lashes but are intimidated by all the terminology and treatments available, don’t worry; we’ll explain which eyelash treatment is best for you.

Lash Tinting - with European Brands

A lash tint is recommended because it can make your lashes seem more defined, which means that many females don’t require any eye makeup at all! We offer a variety of colors to pick from, and our experts can also assist you in matching the color for lash tinting that is most suited to your lashes. As with other eyelash treatments, it’s critical to take care of your lashes to get the most out of the procedure. Our lash tints are curated and sourced from Europe and go through stringent testing, and typically last for around four weeks.

Anyone who does not have individual lash extensions or doesn’t want to apply mascara should consider lash tinting. The most popular lash tinting color is blue-black, which is often the deepest and ideal for individuals with dark or blonde hair but lighter eyelashes. Depending on the individual, lash tinting would last three to four weeks. It is advisable to apply a serum to the eyelashes to keep them moisturized and to avoid rubbing the eyes or taking off mascara.

Lash Perm

A lash perm, similar to how a perm transforms straight hair into lush curls, is a semi-permanent approach to curling natural eyelashes. The eyelashes, like hair perms, can not be wet for 24 hours after the treatment. The complete lash perm procedure takes less than an hour and can last up to a month. Since the process curls the natural eyelashes, lash perms are preferable for people who have medium or long lashes, as the treatment can make natural eyelashes appear longer and more lifted than they are.

If you want to eliminate lash curling from your daily routine or give your eyes a more natural eye-opening impact, a lash perm is the perfect option for you. Usually, the eyelash perming procedure shouldn’t hurt or make you feel uneasy; in fact, some individuals find it incredibly soothing. To be on the safer side, we perform a Lash Lift and Tint Patch Test to help determine if you are allergic to the tint or the glue, etc.

Keratin Lash Lift

You’re probably wondering what a Keratin Lash Lift is? That’s precisely how it sounds. This treatment lifts your lashes with Keratin-based products, giving the appearance that you’ve spent a long time with your eyelash curler when, in fact, you’ve had a simple thirty-minute treatment and those lifted curled lashes will typically last up to six weeks. Consider it a lash perm for your lashes. You can select from a variety of curls, ranging from extremely curved to more natural appearing curls.

Though the procedures for lash lifts and lash perms are similar, there are some variances. Instead of a roller, a lash lift employs a softly curved silicone pad or a silicone rod to raise and reshape the eyelashes. A lash lift also pulls each individual lash away from the eye, making natural lashes look longer. The most noticeable difference between a lash perm and a lash lift is that the lift lasts longer: six to eight weeks.

Which Eyelash Treatment Should You Pick?

Spending a lot of time in the morning adjusting the color of your delicate facial hair to fit your desired goal, whether it’s eyelashes or brows? Let the experts at Anita’s Skincare Clinic handle it with care! Our lash lift, lash perm and lash tinting services will save you time and money. Your professional will precisely match the exact color you want before applying the lash tint. You will be delighted with the outcome of your lash lift, lash perm, and lash tinting treatments.

Our lash lift, lash perm, and lash tinting solutions take your natural lashes and enhance them! You can now awaken with beautifully lifted lashes. We achieve a natural lash lift and a visually perceptible boost in drama without the use of hazardous chemicals. It works best when combined with lash tinting. Whether you want a lash lift, a lash perm, or lash tinting, Anita Skin Care Clinic delivers your desired results.